Skin Cancer Check

skin cancer check

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Now the mornings are getting cold and its harder getting out of bed. Generally speaking I find patients are more relaxed with their sunscreen in the cooler months. Unfortunately even in autumn and winter the radiation levels are high . The accumulative day to day exposure can still lead to sun damage.We do advise putting sunscreen on throughout the year on exposed areas.

This will pay dividends in the future as it reduces risk of skin cancer  (and it has antiaging benefits)

I do advise patients to have regular skin cancer checks. Here I do a fairly detailed check of the skin with a dermatoscope. The aim is  to pick up any problems early . This gives a better outcome especially for melanoma.

I have found skin cancers in patients to have just presented for routine checks and not aware of lesions that turn out to be skin cancers.


For preventative measures, I recommend,

• Wear long sleeve clothing to minimise exposure
• Wear a hat
• Use a high quality sunscreen

Skin cancer is a preventable condition with the right precautions. People with fair skin, a lot of sun exposure or a family history are in a higher risk category of developing skin cancer, however we all need to be vigilant because nobody is immune to skin cancer. Look after your health and wellbeing. Book a skin cancer check today.

I have many patients who see me for an annual skin cancer check. It is so important to have your skin checked by a qualified doctor and to keep up with regular annual check ups. At Nitai, besides a standard skin cancer check by , we also offer a mole mapping service as well. Feel free to enquire about this as well.

How to book a Skin Cancer Check Appointment

If you would like to make a Skin Cancer Check  appointment, please call 9300 1244 or advise us a day/time that may be suitable for you.

Online appointment bookings can also be made using the following link:

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Dr Shobhna is a Medical Practitioner working at Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre in Melbourne.  She can be contacted on (03) 93001244 or

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